Sustainable Spotlight: FREITAG Compostable Clothing

Sustainable Spotlight: FREITAG Compostable Clothing

Twenty years ago, Zurich-based company, FREITAG, began as a kitsch accessories business that specialised in making contemporary bags and purses from truck tarpaulin.


Recently, the company decided to branch out with their own clothing line, when a light bulb moment led them to develop a biodegradable, durable, waste reducing textile called F- abric – working with, rather against the environment. The designs are entirely eco-friendly and made using crops within Europe.

FREITAG Founders“The idea of a durable fabric that is completely compostable and produced in Europe from European crops may sound like wishful thinking, but in fact it has just become reality.”

The founders of FREITAG have managed to eliminate clothing waste from their production line,as F-abric is designed to decompose within three months of being thrown into compost.

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