Sustainable Spotlight: Grannies Inc

Sustainable Spotlight: Grannies Inc

Grannies Inc websiteWith winter approaching, (albeit the weather is holding up quite well), layering is a definite must for battling the harsher elements.  Grannies Inc. – an army of older ladies with a knack for knitting is at your service, ensuring warm necks and heads across the country!

With their slogan, ‘there’s wisdom in the wool’, these lovely knitwear veterans will make your customised design come to life, via their bespoke online service. Simply Grannies Inc Screenshotselect your product and your granny and edit the template to your specific needs. The company’s high quality accessories are made from 100% merino wool yarn sourced from South Africa, which is then dyed in a 200 year old devon based 

spinning mill.


“We believe in supporting the UK’s knitting industry & want to reignite the nation’s passion for handmade, ethically produced fashion”

Grannies Inc Team

From scarves, to headbands and beanies, choose your custom made knit, unleash your inner design skills and feel yarn good this winter! 

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