Sustainable Spotlight: Honest By Bruno Pieters

Sustainable Spotlight: Honest By Bruno Pieters

Bruno PietersStella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood are the most obvious names that pop up when you think ethical fashion. As environmental activists and socially conscious designers, they’ve paved the way for the likes of Maiyet and Edun, but there’s one name as of recent, that can’t possibly go without mention.

Uk-based fashion designer and art director, Bruno Pieters, first established his sustainable mens and womenswear clothing line Honest By in January 2012. Pieters, devoted to maintaining a transparent supply chain, believes in clothing with a conscious.

Honest By CoupleHis aim is to not only bring high quality aesthetics to fashion, with his signature clashing prints and boxy silhouettes, but he hopes to also bring an awareness to the history of our clothes. 

Taking one look at his e-Commerce site and you’ll see the effort he puts into making sustainable clothing as accessible as possible. As a high end fashion designer, his prices are more on the modest side than his competitors, all items are separated into sections such as vegan, organic, recycled and even skin friendly, and his label is the first ever to break down the full cost of its products.

Bruno Pieters AW“Honest by offers products with complete transparency in price and manufacturing, creating a new paradigm in fashion and retail.” 

 In 2010, Pieters took a break from design to explore the developing world. On returning his whole mindset and approach to the industry he left behind had changed. Immediately Pieters set out to incorporate his newfound outlook into his work. He took inspiration from how different cultures used artisanal skills such as weaving and sewing using natural materials.

Honest By ManWith his goal to bring sustainable clothing to the forefront of a challenging fast-paced industry, Pieters regularly offers new collections from collaborations with upcoming and established designers, using certified organic materials, and sourcing from local wool factories.

He may not be the pioneer of ethical luxury, but for the socially conscious consumer, I’d challenge anyone to find a label more sustainable than Pieters’. For that, it’s undeniable he is a true innovator in contemporary sustainable design.

Read ‘What Is Luxury?’ for Pieters’ view of what luxury fashion should constitute.

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