Zero Waste Japan: Inside Kamitkatsu’s Eco Micro Brewery

Zero Waste Japan: Inside Kamitkatsu’s Eco Micro Brewery

Kami KatzThe remote town of Kamitkatsu Japan runs on a strict zero waste policy. With no garbage incinerators around, there is an 80% recycling rate by separating  garbage into 34 categories.  It is this environmentally friendly policy that is the inspiration behind Rise & Win brewing company BBQ and general store – an eco conscious company built from a love of upcycling.

Japan Brewery Japanese brewery 3

What once was a faded department store, has now been repurposed into a shiny new contemporary industrial building, brew pub and bbq spot, surrounded by local forestry. Architecturally, the building represents everything the town stands for. The innovative interior design features recycled decor such as old windows and bottles, while even  the

Japan Brewery 2“We actively used the waste materials from the garbage station, the core facility of the zero-waste policy. We reduced the generation of waste due to the demolition of the building by getting ahold of parts of the dismantled building, as well as furniture. We also used brick tiles that were damaged during the manufacturing process & could not be sold as commodity.”

Japan Brewery OutsideIt’s inspring to know there are zero waste areas such as Kamitkatsu that can run efficiently in a circular way, minimising pollution to the environment – and Rise & Win is the perfect example of how eco conscious design has evolved.


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