Sustainable Spotlight: Jenine Shereos Natural Art

Sustainable Spotlight: Jenine Shereos Natural Art

Sculptor and installation artist Jenine Shereos, captures the complex yet fragile beauty of nature through advanced fibre and textile processes. The Boston based talent recreates intricate networks of natural lines, such as cobwebs and leaf skeletons, to highlight the stunning and delicate nature of our environment.

Shereos Chair Jenine Shereos Seaweed

Jenine’s latest work sees experimentation with deconstructed lace, such as her knitted seaweed project and cobweb construction. In 2011, Shereos exhibited human hair leaf designs, where she created astoundingly accurate models of various leaves and twigs, through detailed veining created by hand wrapping and knotting human hair strands, using water soluble backing material.

Hair Leaf 2

Shereos CobwebShereo’s work really demonstrates the flexibility of textile design and how little hand crafted details can be used to create something so visually impactful and whimsical. View Jenine’s full portfolio here.


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