Sustainable Spotlight: Kempadoo Millar

Sustainable Spotlight: Kempadoo Millar

Kempadoo Millar, also known as the British flat cap company, puts the dapper back into British style, through Yorkshire made heritage hats for men, women and kids.

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Supporting the British wool industry and the buy British ethos, founder Rhian Kempadoo-Miller designs traditional style flat caps, but with an urban streetstyle aesthetic.

Yep – the flat cap is no longer just for sheep farmers! Many celebrities are getting in on the flat cap love, from Gwen Stefani to Rhianna and of course David Beckham, but it’s still very much a niche in the British market.


 Kempadoo Miller

Having sported a flat cap since she was a little child, (which stemmed from her Scottish Jamaican father who loved to golf), Rhian now lives her passion, and is the first to cater for females with a penchant for countryside chic.

Rhian has achieved her goal to produce contemporary flat caps, 100% made in the UK Kempadoo Millar 3and with an entirely transparent supply chain.

“A lot of Yorkshire tweed isn’t 100per cent Yorkshire wool, and some manufacturing is done in China. But to me, the process of how something is made is more important than the end product.”

Not only is Kempadoo Millar a label that puts quality first, but these flat caps offer something a little different to the norm. Satin ribbons and contrast patterns give a more contemporary touch to the traditional styles on the market, and add some good ol’ British eccentricity!

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