Sustainable Spotlight: Linnie Mclarty

Sustainable Spotlight: Linnie Mclarty

Linnie Mclarty piecesThe notion that ethical design has to compromise on style is fastly becoming a thing of the past.  As one of the first licensees of certified Fair Trade, ecological gold, contemporary London based artist-jeweller, Linnie Mclarty is proving that you can indeed be sustainable and one step ahead.

The award winning talent specialises in precious metal design, creating striking structural pieces inspired by architecture – adding a subtle edge to any look.

Linnie Mclarty ShootWorking closely with poverty stricken mining villages, Mclarty donates 15% of sales from her ecological gold to ensuring miners receive a fair wage, funding the development of schools, better healthcare, fresh water and improving working conditions for midwives.

All silver and gold is responsibly sourced, 100% recycled, Fair Trade certified and Fairmined. You’ll also be pleased to know that her designs are 100% chemical and child labour free!

Currently, Linnie Mclarty designs are stocked at Mclarty’s own online store, The East London Design Store, Bottica, NumberNinetyFour and The Roger Billclife Gallery.

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