Sustainable Spotlight: Little Dresses For Africa

Sustainable Spotlight: Little Dresses For Africa

Lillian WeberFounded in 2008, Little Dresses for Africa is a non profit organisation which produces simple dresses out of patterned pillow cases for children in need. There are many volunteers contributing throughout the globe, however the major inspiration behind the project is “sewing celebrity” Lillian Weber – an elderly seamstress at the grand old age of 99.

Little Dresses for Africa DressesEach day, for two years now, Lillian has sat and sewn one dress a day, with the goal to reach 1000 dresses for her 100th Birthday. The garments are then sent to schools, churches and orphanages around poverty stricken african villages.

“I’m doing my part. I don’t want any credit for it,” Weber said. “I just want to make them, and send them to them, and let them wear ‘em.”

The company also makes britches for boys, as well as giving support to those who are care givers for victims of AIDS by holding informal teachings and children’s camps. Pillows represent comfort and support, and these designs are much more than an item of clothing – they give hope to little ones that they are not alone.

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