Sustainable Spotlight: Malika Designs

Sustainable Spotlight: Malika Designs

Founded in 1988 in Senegal, Malika designs are inspired by the Sahara region of West Africa, incorporating ethnic weaving techniques and bold continental colours, for a striking way to brighten up the home. 

Malika Basket Trays Malika Chairs

As a sustainable brand, Malika products are made from recycled materials, such as their woven mats and upcycled soft drink can home decor designs, made by artisans in Dakar.They also specialise in traditional west african woven textiles made from 100% cotton. A particular favourite of ours is their multicoloured textured basket ware from Senegal and Madagascar.

Malika DesignsMalika designs sell mainly at music festivals and fair trade events. Visit their online store here


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