Sustainable Spotlight: Mosevic Denim Sunnies

Sustainable Spotlight: Mosevic Denim Sunnies

MosevicLike BODO, British eyewear brand Mosevic,  is keen to incorporate recycling into their manufacturing processes, as the company sources chairty shop jeans to make a material called ‘Sold Denim’.

The solid denim designs are handcrafted in a Cornwall based workshop, using layers of 100% cotton denim, which are bonded with resin to ensure strong, durable material suitable for eyewear.

“The inherent strength of denim was first utilized by workmen & goldminers in the wild west. This timeless & rugged fabric has been at the forefront of fashion ever since & it’s rich heritage spans centuries.”

Mosevic ModelIn the future, Mosevic plans to have a steady supply of zero waste denim, while working towards creating 100% recyclable and biodegradable eyewear.

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