Sustainable Spotlight: Move Loot

Sustainable Spotlight: Move Loot

Move LootFilling a much needed niche in the market, Move Loot brings a whole new experience to second hand furnishing. The San Francisco based startup offers the ultimate online marketplace for buying and selling used and unwanted furniture, in a simple, community based format.

“We believe that everyone should be able to furnish their homes & offices stylishly, affordably & sustainably. We seek to create a second-hand furniture experience that’s effortless & enjoyable. Because everyone deserves a beautiful & comfortable space to call home.”

Move Loot WebsiteHow selling works is that you sign up, submit your items for appraisal and Move Loot does all the selling for you, picking up straight from your house.

As a second hand expert, founder of Move Loot Bill Bobbitt, is dedicated to encouraging minimal waste. Every year in the U.S,  a whopping 10.8 million tonnes of discarded furniture is sent straight to landfill, impacting on our environment and resources.

With an online community to turn to, it saves tonnes more furniture from reaching landfill,while providing a hassle-free way to de-clutter the home! Stay up to date on all things Move Loot on the blog.



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