Sustainable Spotlight: Organic Monkey

Sustainable Spotlight: Organic Monkey

Baby Foot MassageAfter identifying a gap in the market, two entrepreneurial mums decided to establish the UK’s first ever fairtrade baby skincare company, for tots with delicate and sensitive skin. Recommended by midwives, their award winning label Organic Monkey offers a range of calming balms and baby oils to soothe and rehydrate, using organically sourced ingredients such as beeswax and vitamin E.

Their most widely used ingredient is fairtrade olive oil, which comes from a company called Zaytoun, set up to help Palestinian farmers who’ve lost their olive oil export business since the uprising in 2000.

Raw shea butterThe raw shea butter ingredient used in the popular and widely featured ‘Bum Fluff Nappy Balm,’ is sourced from Ghana and the Akoma Cooperative – a multi purpose Society that helps children and the elderly rise out of poverty. 

You can’t beat natural when it comes to caring for your little monkeys,  and with children being extra delicate, organic is certainly the way to go! The website also offers some great advice for teaching you how to get the best out of the products as well as how to treat your child’s skin, covering a number of different dermatology issues.  


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