Sustainable Spotlight: Pitchulik Jewellery

Sustainable Spotlight: Pitchulik Jewellery

PichulikFounded in 2012 by Katherine-Mary Pichulik, Pichulik is an accessories brand inspired by African and Middle Eastern ornamentation, yet styled with a contemporary edge. The stunning statement pieces are crafted in Cape Town, using found materials and locally manufactured ropes, using Katherine-May’s artistic background, to inject her signature colour and flare.

“Jewellery in African tribology has served o mark initiatory transitions & has aggregated women’s circled where stories & blessing were shared & communities were made.”

Golden+FoldKatherine-May uses precious stones such as agate and turkish totems, as a symbolism of her jewellery.  It represents a blend of cultures and societies, where her aim is to create bold jewellery for brave women. Her Brave Women series is a celebration of colourful and strong personalities, who reflect the ethos of her brand. Like the pieces of jewellery themselves, these women all have an interesting story behind them.

The idea of using rope is a hugely significant one, as Pichulik uses it to represent freedom, rather than oppression. See the AW16 collection here.



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