Sustainable Spotlight: The Reefer Sail Company

Sustainable Spotlight: The Reefer Sail Company

Reefer Bag & Bike

Ahoy there! British upcycling design company Reefer creates practical minimalist outdoor products made from retired boat sails, ideal for your summer travels. Established in 2008, the sailcloth specialists have designed a range of items from deckchairs to large tote bags, all designed and made within the UK.

“We both design & manufacture in England. We pride ourselves in ethical, sustainable manufacturing & refuse to follow the usual model of employing cheap far eastern contract production with questionable labour conditions & an associated large carbon footprint. “

Reefer deckchairWith every purchase, you are given the history of your item through the ‘trace a sail’ page, which breaks down the origins of your product from its previous life as a sail, whether it’s from a boat or windsurfer, kite or paraglider.

Reefer prides itself on supporting British manufacturing, even sourcing their timber locally. They’ve worked with a number of british brands, such as Estee Lauder, Elisabeth Arden, Clipper and The Lloyds Register. 

Keep up to date on Reefer’s latest journey here  and support the best of British design.

Reefer Sails Bags Reefer Aveda

Planning a summer break this year? Make sure to check out their ferry bags, great for carrying beach towels!

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