Sustainable Spotlight: Sans Soucie

Sustainable Spotlight: Sans Soucie

Sans Soucie is an award winning zero waste textile company that transforms old hosiery into striking patchwork garments.The designs themselves are a work of art, as the label’s founder Katherine Soucie cuts, dyes and silk screens recycled nylon hosiery using specialist eco inks and dyes. 

Sans Soucie 3Sans Soucie 4

Soucie utilises obsolete sewing and textile machinery, which she salvages herself at her zero waste  textile studio in Canada.

“It became apparent to me that there was an overabundance of non-functional textiles & waste in our world that needed to be made functional.”

Sans Soucie

Aesthetically, Sans Soucie’s work is truly original, taking inspiration from nature, ecology, animals, architecture, buddhism and urban culture. The hosiery fabric is recycled and transformed using artisanal textile techniques, resulting in flexible, light and comfortable garments, with a textured, crepe-like effect.

“I feel due to the mass production of garments & textiles today that we need to rediscover or reinvent materials already in existence rather than produce more new materials.”

Looking at her collection strikes me with a sense of wanderlust –  the rich hues, the bohemian patchwork and loose, flowing silhouettes all make me want to travel to distant lands, barefoot and carefree!…

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