Grown Your Own Garment: Seeds of Fashion

Grown Your Own Garment: Seeds of Fashion

Zoe Seeds of FashionGrowing a garment may seem a bizzarre concept to most of us, but this innovative phenomena puts a whole new stylish spin on your everyday gardening. One woman who knows all about green fashion is Saitn Martins printed textiles graduate Zoe Burt, whose business ‘Seeds of Fashion’ specialises in transforming dry flax into lightweight summer linen. 

“Sewn, grown, printed and made within the M25.”

Zoe’s work reveals the complete life cycle of a garment. From harvesting, to breaking, spinning and weaving, her designs are interconnected with nature and unique in the sense that the process is entirely organic. As an artist and designer she has worked closely with natura dyes and local spinners and weavers, using the urban landscape and images of her seedlings to inspire many of her prints. Most of her projects take place at Brockwell Park community Gardens where she harvests the flax.

Seeds of Fashion Shift Dress“I hope to inspire people to reconnect with where clothes come from & engender a sense of wonder at what can emerge from fibre plants grown domestically in Great Britain.” 

It’s certainly a slow process, but a valuable one nevertheless.Highlighting the journey of our clothes, while using natural, botanical techniques takes great patience and skill, having to know which fibres work and how they can grow to their full potential. But the result is worth it – and  the best bit is it’s all grown within London’s M25!  

Check out Zoe’s blog to be kept up to date on her latest projects.  Catch Zoe at the London Permafest this July.

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