Sustainable Spotlight: Sharewear

Sustainable Spotlight: Sharewear

Sharewear2Ever seen an outfit you like, but didn’t want to splash out on the hefty price tag? Swedish company Sharewear gives you the chance to borrow your favourite looks from a stylish, digital online wardrobe, then pass them on when you’re done.

“Millions of tons of textiles are thrown away each year. But instead of tossing your clothes once you’re over them, you could give your ex-clothes the chance to fall in love with someone new.”

The aim is to avoid us clogging up landfills with our unwanted garments, instead creating a circular sharing community of fashion lovers eager to give their clothing a new lease of life. How it works is you post the item of clothing you wish to share on Instagram with the hashtag #sharewear – or if you simply want to browse for an item to borrow, search the hashtag, click on the item of your choice and make sure to comment quick before someone else snaps it up!

Sharewear 3When you’ve successfully communicated with the owner, then it’s time to set up a place and time to meet (Sharewear doesn’t offer a delivery service, so it’s best to meet with someone in close proximity to your area). Some may see this as a disadvantage, but who knows – this personal system means you may even make a network of friends with a similar style to your own. Plus you don’t have to spend a penny – and surely that’s enough to persuade you!

Remember to use the hashtag #sharewear, and get swapping!

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