Sustainable Spotlight: Sink Skins

Sustainable Spotlight: Sink Skins

Tel-Aviv based company Sink Skin wants to liven up our daily routine of doing the dishes and emptying the bath, with strainers that make it easy and even enjoyable to do a typically yucky task.

Sink Skins

“Sink Skin brings fashion plumbing to your drain.”

Israeli entrepreneur duo Nir Eylon and Sharon Ychie came up with the idea of decorative, fuss free, disposable sink drainers that would brighten up dull cleaning duties. Although they’re disposable, the actual product is eco-friendly,boasting a small carbon footprint as it’s made from recycled materials, including the packaging.

The company also employs local labour, with the plastic being produced at Kibbutz Gazit in the Galilee, and then transformed into the eye-catching skin skins by people with disabilities.

On a large scale, Sink Skins has seen huge success with the hospitality industry, distributing stock in hotels, saving them money on drain repair expenses and enhancing their plumbing system with special personalised designs.


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