Stefaan De Croock Recycled Door Murals

Stefaan De Croock Recycled Door Murals

Stefaan De Croock is certainly no ordinary graffiti artist. The belgian talent, also known as Strook, is yet to pick up a spray can, instead, he tags the streets of Belgium using the medium of  wood, to create murals made from recycled doors and furniture.

Strook Main

The discarded scraps of wood are put together  and painted in a way that is heavily inspired by cubist art and de Croock’s graphic design background. The result is an angular 3D aesthetic, which gives his work its signature modernist style.

Strook Doors

“Every drawing starts with that fast spontaneous, even impulsive action – leaning towards automatic drawing. Within those lines, he creates different dimensions by adding color, structure and narrative details. Story lines fight for the attention of the viewer. Yet the big composition holds ground.”

Check out Strook’s work in the video below.

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