Ten & Co Oxfords Are Made From Recycled Morroccan Rugs

Ten & Co Oxfords Are Made From Recycled Morroccan Rugs

10527873_657469667664203_7886928120166670238_nFounded by Brooklyn designer Tory Noll, Ten & Co‘s artisan shoes show the incredible beauty of handmade design, mixed with cultural influences. Tory’s creativity with recycling materials was inspired by scouring Moroccan flea markets and auctions for patterned rugs, carpets and supple leathers, which gave Tory the idea for Ten & Co’s signature textured look .

Handmade by a cobbler in Marrakech, the shoe label is most popular for its unisex Oxford brogues, which are produced in small batches and given an unique earthy aesthetic, reflecting a true north african style.

As each shoe is made from a different rug or carpet, no one
Untitled111design is the same, and each comes with its own history and special story.

“We are committed to simple, functional design & supporting the skilled craftsmen who make our shoes.  Above all, we aim to create beautiful, wearable footwear that re-imagines the narrative of classic design. “

6a00d834515c9769e201b7c6d755f7970b-500wiAs a close-knit team, Tory pays her staff fairly, and works transparently, as a designer passionate about ethics as much as the designs themselves. A sweatshop free business means traditional preserving traditional craftsmanship, connecting customers with something more than just a shoe – that they’ve become part of its journey, which is something beautiful in itself.

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