Sustainable Spotlight: The Carvel Chair

Sustainable Spotlight: The Carvel Chair

Carvel Chair Close UpHaving made its debut at the London Design Festival earlier this year, the Carvel Chair takes inspiration from the construction of a boat, designed by Irish architect Andrew Clancy.

Its plank like exterior resembles the inside of a typical wooden boat, carved to perfection using good old traditional artisanship, yet fused with a contemporary edge.

Carvel Chair BackIncorporating traditional irish boat construction techniques, the Carvel Chair is the result of a collaboration between Clancy and shipwright Matthew O’Mailey, using wind-felled larch, hand crafted to shape and fixed with copper rivets. The larch is a rare resource, which had to be air seasoned for two years, before being used.

The chair’s structure forms a shell shape, which is light and flexible, adapting to the sitter. This is supported by a cradle of bent steel bar. It is a living organism, leaving gaps between the planks in cold environments, while the summer season causes the planks to widen and sit close together.



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