Sustainable Spotlight: The London Sock Exchange

Sustainable Spotlight: The London Sock Exchange

London Sock ExchangeWe all have those missing socks and odd pairs that drives us crazy. Somewhere from the journey from the washing machine to the drier, poof! A sock escapes, never to be found again. The London Sock Exchange  realises that this annoying situation can leave many with unwanted odd an worn out socks – but what to do with them?

Instead of throwing them into the bin, destined for clogging up more of our landfill sites, the London Sock exchange offers a special unique service. You simply subscribe and every two months a new funky fresh pair of socks is sent to your door. They even come with styling notes, so you can get instant ultimate socks appeal.

In exchange, customers refill the box with any two pairs of unwanted socks. Return postage is prepaid, and your socks and even the box it came in will be recycled!

 you’ll have done both the planet and your sock-drawer a long-overdue favour


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