Sustainable Spotlight: Vilde Rolfsen’s Plastic Landscapes

Sustainable Spotlight: Vilde Rolfsen’s Plastic Landscapes

Norwegian photographer and kingston University grad Vilde Rolfsen, creates stunning lifelike landscapes using only recycled plastic bags, lighting and a great visual eye.

Her plastic bag landscape series are not only for the magical aesthetics, but also to poignantly highlight the environmental issues concerning consumer plastic waste, and to raise awareness on the negative impact that plastic shopping bags and our throwaway culture has on our eco system.

Plastic Landscape2

Plastic Landscapes 3“Plastic bags are a huge contributor to the landfill waste & are extremely harmful for our oceans & the creatures living there. Do not say yes to a plastic bag when shopping. These plastic bags were found in the street.”

Rolfsen’s technique of creasing and crumpling the plastic, together with the light coming through at the right angles, suggests a cavernous icy wilderness, with jutting rock formations and captivating textures. I can almost imagine myself stood surrounded by these mountainous rock walls with cracks of natural light seeping through.

Plastic Landscape 4

Quite amazing how Rolfsen manages to depict the natural world and its mesmeric formations out of a synthetic and man made material. View the full series here 

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