Sustainable Spotlight: Well Made Clothes

Sustainable Spotlight: Well Made Clothes

WELL MADE CLOTHES 2Well Made Clothes is an Australian online fashion outlet which is a hot spot for conscious consumers and lovers of sustainable, stylish and affordable clothing. The startup company has set up a digital marketplace stocking the best of their favourite ethical fashion labels, from across the globe.

Things have changed since the days of hemp dresses and drab, colourless clothing. Nowadays the spotlight on sustainable style has helped changed the industry completely. These days clothes can do good and look good – even better than sweatshop clothing you find on the high street. Labels such as Kowtow and Filippa K are just a couple of great examples.

annie-front-blue_19As a business that believes in transparency, you can even shop by local, transparent, handcrafted, vegan, zero waste and fair trade categories. Everything about the items history is explained, from materials used, to where the item was made.

Well Made Clothes is more than what it says on the tin, however. The company has built a whole online hub of information and articles centred around celebrating sustainable style.

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