Sustainable Spotlight: Ali Gozard

Sustainable Spotlight: Ali Gozard


Ali Golzard Obama

Texas based artist Ali Gozard uses recycled corrugated cardboard as a canvas to inspire, raise awareness and create political messages from which he draws inspiration from his own childhood troubles.

As a  young child, Golzard was forced to flee from his home in Iran during revolution, were he took refuge in Sweden, alone and without his parents, who he later was reunited with three years later.

His art reflects these times, as many of Golzard’s figures represent what he calls ‘Invisible People’, of which he once believed himself to be. Child soldiers, starvation, Golzard Babyabused and disenchanted youths are a recurring theme in his art.

“Like corrugated cardboard, the twenty million are everywhere yet invisible.”

Aside from his ‘reclaimed art’, as a self taught artist, Golzard also works with digital media and various other mediums, such as Cubism. But with all of Golzard’s work, there is an underlying message, particularly highlighting issues within human rights.

Golzard Child Soldier“it’s not enough for you to simply like my work; instead it’s a call to action.”

We’re not all cardboard cutouts, we are individuals, and we all have a story. Golzard impressively manages to project life and character into such a mundane, forgettable material, that even without colour, his powerful portraits are anything but invisible.

 Keep up to date with Golzard’s latest projects here.




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