Sweden Introduces First 100% Recycled Cotton Garment

Sweden Introduces First 100% Recycled Cotton Garment

re newcell dressThis yellow dress is the result of advanced Swedish technology, that could drastically reduce the fashion industry’s carbon footprint. Although it may look no different from the styles seen at River Island or H&M, this dress is the first and only garment to be produced of 100% recycled cotton.

Innovative clothing and textile recycling business Re: newcell, collaborated with a number of Swedish companies to create the design. The process involves taking old cotton clothes and shredding them into a gooey porridge-like substance. Zips and buttons are removed, before breaking down the substance into a molecular level. The substance is then turned into a rayon fibre used for threading.



“The technology allows us to recycle all materials that contain cellulose.”

With plans to put this process into mass scale production, Re: newcell are set to open  a factory specialising in fabric recycling, with hopes to expand to Germany and the UK, where fabric waste is also a growing problem.


“It will be able to process 2,000 tonnes per year, allowing us to show the scalability of the process”

This is a major step forward in terms of sustainability, for an industry with an image that is by no means squeaky clean. With the prospect of mass produced recycled fabric, fast fashion will no longer pose such a major environmental threat. We’re already seeing a monumental shift in fashion technology, so could eco-friendly cotton factories become a reality? We’ll be watching this space!

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