Sweden Launches World’s First Sustainable Fashion Online Course

Sweden Launches World’s First Sustainable Fashion Online Course

Sustainable Fashion AcademyFashion and street style capital, Stockholm, has launched the World’s first online sustainable apparel course, introduced by the Sustainable Fashion Academy (FSA).

The FSA works closely with fashion, sport , outdoor brands, retailers and suppliers, teaching professionals and entrepreneurs how to work more sustainably within the industry.

“The Sustainable Fashion Academy’s vision is an apparel industry that creates happier people, stronger communities, & a resilient planet. SFA’s mission is to accelerate the industry innovations needed to ensure this happens.”

The Sustainability Fundamentals teaches at foundation level, the knowledge needed to build a sustainable business, including mentoring from retail giants such as H&M and Peak Performance. The FSA has been training businesses on how to incorporate sustainability since 2008, but it is only now that this education can be accessed online.

For more information, watch the course’s introductory video here.

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