Tesco Partners With Eurokey for Recycled Shopping Bags

Tesco Partners With Eurokey for Recycled Shopping Bags

As retailers tackle the issue of consumer plastic waste and introduce a 5p charge for plastic bags, supermarket giant Tesco has partnered with waste management service Eurokey, to distribute 100% recycled shopping carrier bags in stores across the UK.


80% of the new eco-friendly bags, which were introduced this month, will be made from post consumer waste, while 20% will be produced from back of store plastic. Eurokey collects and sorts the plastic at its facility in Eastern Europe, to prepare the LPDE for reprocessing.

John Dillon, managing director of Eurokey Recycling stated;

Eurokey Recycling

“We are very pleased to be part of a sustainable and ethical plastic recycling solution in line with the Tesco Corporate Social Responsibility ideals.”

As the saying goes “Every little helps!” and this is a huge step forward for the retailer in addressing the issue of consumer waste on a large, effective scale.

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