The BODO Sandal – Coming Soon

The BODO Sandal – Coming Soon


BODO Footwear Orange BackgroundATTYRE is a blog dedicated to bringing you the best in the world of sustainable design, but it’s all through one company – BODO Footwear, that inspired us to begin this journey in the first place.

Founded by Peter Lochan, The BODO sandal is a special donation unisex sandal that with every pair purchased, BODO reaches out to those in need, providing adequate footwear for children and adults in developing countries.

BODO tyresNot only that, but our unique soles are made from recycled car tyres, cutting out waste and creating a durable, comfortable and stylish support base for your feet.

“Put some soul into your stride.”

740,000,000 people are affected by soil transmitted diseases each year. Foot diseases can prevent sufferers from receiving a proper education and the means to earn a living.

1000, 000, 000 children are living in poverty.

300, 000,000 are without adequate footwear.

BODO Sandal Red Green OrangeMany schools require adequate footwear to enter the classroom.

Could the BODO sandal help people to get an education, employment, and prevent diseases, all while reducing waste?

That’s exactly what we can do and where our passion lies.


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