The Body Shop’s Bio Bridge Helps Wildlife Reconnect

The Body Shop’s Bio Bridge Helps Wildlife Reconnect

533927750 Have you been walking past Westminster Bridge and wondering why there are six giant sized monkey sculptures sitting casually on the sides? The Body Shop, as part of the beauty company’s bio-bridges programme, has installed the quirky primates to represent the wildlife that has been disrupted from highways and other constructions, in a project which aims to preserve endangered rain forests.

In a collaboration with The World Land Trust, and its partner Viet Nature Conservation Centre, The Body Shop will be building the first bio-bridge in Vietnam’s  Nuoc Trong forest, as a means to create a natural corridor to help endangered wildlife reconnect. The project aims to reconnect 75 million square metres of damaged forest habitat, descried as “a dating service for endangered species”.

“By building bio-bridges; by planting, regenerating & restoring forests to link two areas back together, we are allowing animals to pass & allowing the gene pool to be enriched & ensuring the preservation of species.”

Cizp3cCUkAAdd88Help Reggie Find Love is a campaign to push the project, by focusing on a Vietnamese monkey who wants consumers to help him find his soul mate. The public can help support the rainforest by making a single purchase at any Body Shop branch. Proceeds will go towards the project, helping Reggie and many others like him live a fulfilled life free of environmental threats.




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