The Toxic Free Catwalk

The Toxic Free Catwalk

Campaigners and environmental activists have been fighting to eliminate toxic chemicals from the clothing industry for several years. Their voices did not go unheard, as 18 major retail companies agreed to stop the use of hazardous chemicals by  January 1st 2020.

Months later, and it seems some companies are more dedicated than others when it comes to their carbon footprint. With Greenpeace’s Detox Catwalk, you can find out just who’s setting the trends, who’s just talking the talk and who hasn’t even made babysteps to toxic free fashion.

The Detox Catwalk categorises the 18 companies into ‘leaders’, ‘greenwashers’ and ‘blaggards’, showing who’s truly committed, who’s just saying the right things at the right time, and those who outright refuse to remove hazardous chemicals from their supply chain. 

Watch Greenpeace’s video here, and find out where your favourite brand stands

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