The Verlan Dress: Makerbot Brings Natural Fibres to 3D Printed Fashion

The Verlan Dress: Makerbot Brings Natural Fibres to 3D Printed Fashion

3D printing has been propelled to the forefront of technology in recent months. We’ve started to see it emerge within the fashion industry too, and it’s only now that the consumer market and mainstream media is standing up and taking notice.

 It’s been an exciting time for fashion, as we’ve seen designers such as Iris Van Herpen pave the way for 3D printed garments, and her latest collection proved that this newly experimented with technology can even produce flexible and wearable pieces. In July we also saw 3D Printing company Materialise and Malaysian designer Melinda Looi dedicate a whole fashion week to 3D printing.

Verlan Dress1Verlan Dress2


Making its debut at New York Fashion Week SS14 this month is the stunning ‘Verlan dress’. As part of his research project ‘New Skins’, Designer Francis Bitonti, aided by the help of 3D printing company Makerbot, was asked produce a dress using their new flexible filaments made from natural, biodegradable plant based fibres. Bitonti was one half of the duo that produced the first ever 3D printed dress, worn by Dita Von Tees, so it’s no wonder that the result is breathtaking.

 The filaments are supple and flexible enough to allow fluid movement for the wearer, and remain malleable even after leaving the printing machine. So for those of you who wondered if 3D printing could ever be used in an everyday, accessible way, you may not have to wait as long as you thought.

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