This Planet Saving Backpack is Made From Our Old Plastic Bags

This Planet Saving Backpack is Made From Our Old Plastic Bags

Zero Waste Backpack SketchIntroducing the ‘Onward Bag’ – a backpack with  a slick, flat contemporary design, that not only looks good, but does good.

Made from organic cotton and recycled plastic bags, this zero waste super bag helps reduce the amount of consumer waste sent to landfills and polluting our oceans. It’s even biodegradable.

Entering the Cradle to Cradle Product Design Challenge, (which is now in its second year), senior Virginia Tech student Gabriella Jacobson won first prize in the Best Student Design category, for its innovative eco friendly materials.

Gabriella describes her forward-thinking design as;

“Capable of  reducing overall plastic & C02 waste by taking advantage of the embodied energy in the already once processed plastic bags”

Onwrard Bag MaterialsThe Onward bag is made using a special heat stamping technique, where the plastic bags are layered and compressed by heat into a padded plastic fabric. It is coloured with biodegradable dyes.

“I wanted the product to tell the story of sustainability. I discovered I could heat stamp patterns into the plastic fabric & chose to use an organic wave pattern to symbolise the connection between recycling plastic bags & a cleaner ocean.”

Once the bag has reached the end of its life, its earth friendly materials means that you can simply deconstruct the backpack, using the instructions that come with it. The plastic can be recycled, while the canvas can decomposed, creating a closed loop, circular life cycle. The design s currently a prototype, but is envisioned to be manufactured and available within the U.S.

So next time you take out the rubbish, could you be missing out on an ingenious planet saving idea?

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