TourDeFork 3D printed Food Rings

TourDeFork 3D printed Food Rings

Tour De Fork 3D print rings

Fusing high tea with high fashion, culinary creative consultancy TourDeFork  has created a line of laser cut 3D print food jewellery, as part of an ongoing monthly column of DIY projects.

For their latest project, The future of DIY, The food company has designed a collection of five acrylic rings, which have been created to display various palatable snacks. From fruits to Hershey’s kisses and chocolate coated biscuits.  

“TourDeFork designs easy and accessible DIY projects which can be downloaded for free from the magazine’s website and taken to the nearest FABlab to be transformed into real objects.”

3D print ringsDeserts and fruits are not only wonderful for eating. These kitsch kitchen edibles make quite the eye-catching accessory! All 5 rings were designed specially for Italian magazine CASAfacile, for their feature on novelty culinary design.

Brings a whole new meaning to finger food!

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