TRAID Hosts #Secondhandfirst Week

TRAID Hosts #Secondhandfirst Week

TRAID SwapThe make do and mend ethos is having a serious revival! From the 17th-23rd November, clothes recycling charity shop TRAID presents #secondhandfirst week, encouraging us to get into the spirit of reusing and repairing our clothes.

There will be a series of events taking place throughout the week, from upcycling workshops to swishing events where you can swap any clothes you’ve grown out of, Refashion Dayor no longer want.

You can also take part by pledging a percentage of your future wardrobe as second hand, to challenge yourself to alternative ways of shopping that doesn’t involve fast fashion and promotes sustainably.

Make sure to check out Bough to Beauty and TRAID’s swap event at Strongroom Bar & Kitchen, in collaboration with TRAID (image left), on the 23rd November.

The Clothes Club is also hosting an evening of swapping on Nov 19th, to raise money for Food cycle. Find out more here.

You can also get involved by tweeting the hashtag #secondhandfirst and sharing your love for all things pre-loved!



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