UAL Voice For Change Exhibition

UAL Voice For Change Exhibition


Providing a platform for sustainable design and socially conscious clothing, professor Dilys Williams and Patricia Palesta has curated the Voice For Change Exhibition displayed at the UAL‘s showroom in Holborn. The designs on show have been produced by UAL students, who’ve come up with innovative and alternative forms of fashion, with an eco-friendly ethos.

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The students sourced eco-friendly materials and some even travelled across the globe to connect with each process of production, in order to maintain 100% transparency.


 IMG_9483From Ruiyin Lin‘s upcycled jewellery made from bicycle inner tubes, steel and magnet catches, to Tara Baoth‘s textured statement collars made from moss, you won’t find your typical high street styles here. The value and importance of craftsmanship is UAL’s number one priority, with each design being original and tied to the theme of nature.

IMG_9477“We have gathered here a range of these ideas to form a cycle of thinking that connects us to the earth, ourselves and each other through fashion’s relationships and artefacts, its meaning and its matter.”

We particularly enjoyed watching a video called ‘Made In Patacancha’ which was in relation to Sabrina Kauz Lopez’s fashion label titled ‘Ode to Artisans‘, where she travelled to Peru to study the art of weaving and slow textiles. Sabrina shared also shared the experience in a series of four photographs.

Another impressive project was Zuzana Gombosova‘s, which focused on the future of textiles, experimenting with bacteria cellulose, glass, metal and mechanical parts, to create objects that are transformed through colour and texture, as the bacteria grows. Zuzana has developed a ‘3D Feeder’ device to grow a wide range of material qualities with applications in fashion and product design.



Other work on display included abstract sequinned silk and wool dresses by embroidery technician Rachel Clowes,  along with her sketchbooks she used for inspiration. Rachel tutors on sustainable style and values quality, and beautiful craftsmanship in clothing, encouraging consumers to make socially conscious choices; 

“Keeping something for a long time, but not wearing it, is not sustainable behaviour, it is simply storing waste within the wardrobe.”

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Voice For Change is open to the public as well as students from 12th Jan-29th March at 272 High Holborn, London, WC1V7EY




Zoe Grace Fletcher works with sustainable British yarns. Her company Britain Needs Ewe is a project  that explore sustainable knitwear practice, sourcing from just one breed of sheep, The Derbyshire Gritstone.



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