Unchained: Life Size Dog Scultpures Made From Recycled Bike Parts

Unchained: Life Size Dog Scultpures Made From Recycled Bike Parts

2abc17dcc69de4d3326a99da13a496d3022ad7e5_860In a series called “Unchained”, Israeli designer and multidisciplinary artist Nirit Levav, has created a number of life-sized sculptures of dogs, made from recycled chains and bicycle parts.

The Parsons School of Design graduate wanted to capture the characteristics of various canine breeds, through the use of sustainable materials, such as pedals, bike chains, motorcycle pistons, keys, lightbulbs, watches and more. 

As a child, she watched her father –  a set designer in his studio, who never threw anything out to waste. This was the beginning of her inspiration for her own art.

9.Buli_“First of all I collect different materials, mainly the kind people don’t want anymore. For them it is garbage & for me – a treasure. I love the initial rough material, & it is inspiring for me to create delicate & refined things out of it.”

2-Lord-of-the-WatchesNirit’s first worked as a fashion designer, within the field of bridal and evening gowns, but soon left to follow her true passion – art, and experimenting with various materials, through jewellery making, metal work, pottery and ceramics.

Visit Nirit’s Etsy page, for her full collection of dog sculptures, or follow her work on her Website Unchained Dogs.

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