Upcycle Christmas edition: The Tree

Upcycle Christmas edition: The Tree

As we get into the holiday spirit, we thought we’d share a very special final Upcycle Idol of the year.This one-off festive edition brings to you,  innovation at its finest, with a modern take on a Christmas classic – the tree.

 Mountain Dew Chistmas TreeMountain Dew Christmas Tree. Made from 400 cans of the American fizzy drink, (which colours are conveniently red and green), this impressive tree took over 3 months of drinking and 4 days to construct. We don’t know the names of the guys involved, but whoever they are we salute you for your patience, innovation and sheer determination to put a modern spin on Christmas.



Bike treeTaking inspiration from the bicycle sculpture in London’s Bermondsey square, this Sydney-based giant Christmas tree is made entirely out of 100 recycled bikes, standing at an impressive 23 foot tall complete with a star on top, constructed using front forks and tyre parts. 





Old Magazine TreeThis slick and sustainable magazine tree by Berkeley architect Tai-Ran Tseng, has been cleverly constructed and sculpted from 33 magazines and stands at a modest 7 feet. 



Egg Carton TreeAnd finally, the designer of this fantastic D.I.Y egg carton tree is unknown, but we congratulate you on your eggcellent skills and dedication!







Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the BODO Team! X


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