Upcycle Idol: Ellis White Accessories

Upcycle Idol: Ellis White Accessories

Ellis White’s futuristic upcycled leather shoes and accessories are certainly not for shy retiring types! With a focus on material innovation and experimental production methods, the Australian designer pushes the boundaries of contemporary accessorising, without compromising practicality and function.

Ellis White Shoe Ellis model
Structured forms and colour blocking is White’s specialty, as she creates her designs from BitLeather – (an original leather composite which recycles waste leather into a versatile material with a stone-like appearance), from her London based studio.

Ellis White Glasses Ellis Backpack

Ellis designs footwear for both men and women, using two types of BitLeather – a type with a hard, smooth finish and a softer, flexible rubber version. As a result, her collection is full of texture and character. 

Ellis White Close Up

See the full lookbook here.



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