Upcycle Idol: Farnham Repair Cafe

Upcycle Idol: Farnham Repair Cafe


Farnham RepairFarnham Repair Cafe in Surrey is our latest  Upcycle Idol, for its sheer passion for zero waste and excellent teamwork in extending the life cycle of our items.

As a reformed church building and collaboration between Transition Town Farnham and The Centre for Sustainable Design, the cafe instills a community spirit, as volunteers work together to bring a new lease of life to various broken objects; from electronics to textiles, bikes and furniture.

“Typically a product lifecycle follows the trend of Use, Bin, Replace. The Farnham Volunteerlifetime of products is becoming shorter. Having our broken domestic gadgets fixed is increasingly difficult, skilled repairers are not easy to find, it can be costly & inconvenient.

By sharing the repair, people can learn how to look after their possessions and get the most out of them, rather than chucking them straight in the bin. All the tools needed are available to learn the valuable skills needed to transform your trash into treasure again.

“A Repair Cafe challenges a community to Farnham Repair Sewtransform its Use, Bin, Replace pattern of behaviour into one of Use, Repair and Re-use.”

If only every town had a community repair project, we’d have a lot less waste, a lot more practical skills and a great relationship with out neighbours! Sounds perfect!

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