Upcycle Idol: Freya Jobbins

Upcycle Idol: Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins BatmanIn the past, we’ve shown you many incredible upcycle artists who turn our trash into treasure and waste into wonders in one way or another, but we couldn’t not mention Australian sculptor ad printmaker Freya Jobbins, whose eccentric plastic ‘humanoid busts’ are an intriguing work of abstract art.

With a creepy yet humorous aesthetic, Jobbins recycles plastic dolls to form the structure of her sculptures. An army of toy soldiers can form a spiky hairstyle, while random pink doll limbs make up the mouth. This mash mash of assembled doll parts gives Jobbins’s work their character and quirk, as she playfully experiments with discarded materials in a zany and energetic way.

Freya Bart

“An artistic exploration, of the relationship between consumerism and the culture of up-cycling and recycling.”

Reinterpreting pop culture icons such as Bart Simpson and Batman, as well as more abstract human sculptures, Jobbins’s modern art techniques introduce a fun, youthful  and nostalgic side to waste reduction and recycling.

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