Upcycle IDOL: Ewaste Jewellery

Upcycle IDOL: Ewaste Jewellery

Godoy MarcelaChilean architect Godoy Marcela is intrigued by our relationship with modern technology – in particular, how quickly we dispose of electronic devices. We’re  generation upgrade, where our gadgets are abandoned for the latest model almost as quickly as we update our wardrobes.

As a personal project, the U.S based entrepreneur collected disposed of electrical objects which he found discarded around local neighbourhoods. 

Through fusing electronic materials together, Marcela has managed to create an almost ethnic aesthetic to his jewellery, with an innovative modern edge. It’s amazing what you can do with a rainbow of electrical wires and telephone cord!

Marcela Godoy Necklaceewaste

Original, quirky and clever, Marcela’s e-waste collection brilliantly highlights the issue of fast paced consumerism through witty contemporary design. 

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