Upcycle Idol – Hoyanip

Upcycle Idol – Hoyanip

Hoyanip Collar etcIt’s a strange concept to marry food leftovers with clothes, but British designer Hoyan Ip specialises in challenging the meaning of future fashion, and sees a very relevant connection between the two.

Hoyan stunningly connects science with design through her label Hoyanip. Hoyanip sells handmade statement accessories made sustainably using what she Hoyan bio trimmingscalls ‘bio trimmings’, or food waste. The idea is to highlight social, economical and environmental issues through contemporary aesthetics. The food is dried, crushed,moulded and coated with a clear finish, before embellishing items such as handbags and belts. Currently, Hoyan is working towards creating waterproof pieces.

Hoyan Ip Dress“I propose to identify the relationship between food waste and waste produced from the fashion industry,”

Her website explains that the process is reusing clothes, rebranding them, repairing and finally wearing them – but whether you’re a fan or a cynic, it’s certainly given us some food for thought!

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