Upcycle Idol: Jane Perkins

Upcycle Idol: Jane Perkins

Uk based artist Jane Perkins calls herself a ‘re-maker’, specialising in upcycling old bits and bobs into collage portraits of influential figures and classic images. Not letting any object go to waste, Perkins has remade the likes of Nelson Mandela, to Van Gogh’s sunflowers, to more recently, olympic athlete Usain Bolt.

Jane Perkins Van Gogh Sunflowers

Jane Perkins Usain Bolt

To give her work texture and a contemporary aesthetic, Perkins uses brightly coloured everyday objects, which are typically viewed as waste. Broken lego pieces, shirt buttons, clothes pins and plastic spoons are often used as material for her art. Using the ethos ‘from trash to treasure’, Perkins’ perspective is that there is no rubbish or waste, only creativity combined with a good imagination…

Lisa Perkins Mona Lisa Jane Perkins Obama



Jnae Perkins Botecelli

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