Upcycle Idol: Julia Crew’s Supersized Salvage Airplane Accessories

Upcycle Idol: Julia Crew’s Supersized Salvage Airplane Accessories

Supersized Salvage AirplaneDo you remember Kevin Mcloud’s Supersized Salvage upcycling programme in April earlier this year? In this episode an Airbus A320 plane is transformed into hundreds of amazing new products, as three designers took on britain’s waste crisis.

One of those designers was Julia Crew, from the Hackney based collaborative studio shop  and ethical clothing store Here Today Here Tomorrow. Julia was commissioned to design a range of travel accessories, from plane parts that would otherwise be sent to the landfill. They collection is now available for purchase on the website.

Supersized Salvage Passport Holder Supersized Salvage Purse

Each product is upcycled by hand from plane interior, and features stunning details, from the rucksack made from seat covers, straps and belt clips, to Supersized Salvage passport holders which include labels from the original plane seats.

Supersized Salvage eyemask

Shop the full collection herePrices range from £26-£170, while 10% of the sale proceeds will go towards NCCA UK, helping families whose children are suffering from Neuroblastoma.

All items from Here Today Here Tomorrow have been made within the UK by four talented design graduates.

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