Sustainable Spotlight: Kallio NYC

Sustainable Spotlight: Kallio NYC

Kallio Girl Kallio Boy 2This Brooklyn based childrenswear brand takes upcycling to cool new levels, by transforming old mens shirts into stylish casual outfits for boys and girls. As flannel is an Autumn favourite, Kallio provides a fun vintage way to clothe your kids, while supporting sustainability and addressing environmental issues such as textile waste.

85% of textile waste ends up in landfills each year, so it’s nice to see a company try to tackle the issue head on, while selling exciting, affordable designs that children Kallio girl 2can enjoy.

Founder Karina Kallio says her aim is to create clothing with a conscious;

” kids clothes that are fun and functional with a green heart.”

Kallio claims to make old clothing young again, and what a better way to do it! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed they’ll be shipping to our side of the pond in the very near future!









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