Upcycle Idol: Kin Tsugi Goods

Upcycle Idol: Kin Tsugi Goods

Kin Tsugi LookbookKin Tsugi Goods takes inspiration from the old 15th century Japanese art form of Kin Tsugi, where old ceramics are rebuilt using seams of lacquer with pure gold, to fill in the cracks of broken pottery. The result is a striking effect, arguably more beautiful than the original design.

Designer Ashikaga Yoshimasa travelled to South Africa, where she saw many young artisans crafting garments, mending clothing by hand and even reworking outfits to suit their individual style.

Kin Tsugi Goods 3Ashikaga wanted to apply these techniques to her own vintage clothing business, using the art of Kin Tsugi to give new life to her designs. Gold thread and paint is woven throughout each garment, to give character and vibrancy to each item, reinventing old designs into statement outfits.

The gold dusting technique gives a glittering effect and sense of glamour and femininity to causal utilitarian styles. Find out more at Kin-tsugigoods.com



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