Upcycle Idol: Magda Van Der Vloed

Upcycle Idol: Magda Van Der Vloed

Our latest upcycle idol is South African sculptural designer and product developer MagdaVan der Vloed, who sees the beauty and potential in everyday objects, transforming typical inanimate household items and multimedia materials into vibrant, visual displays and installations.

Magda Deer

 Magda Display

Usually taking the form of animals, (specifically antelopes), Van der Vloed’s uses plastic bottles and crochets with recycled plastic bags or thick PVC wire to create texture and detail. Her artwork is exported internationally, as she contributes towards fair trade charities such as Aid to Artisans and Unesco Care. As a ceramic artist, Van der Vloed works with a collective of crafters around the world to gain inspiration.

Magda Rhino

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