Upcycle Idol: Mini Magpie

Upcycle Idol: Mini Magpie

Founded in Hackney in 2011,  Mini Magpie is an upcycling label that uses reclaimed wool and cashmere to produce unique  children’s clothing and home accessories. After hand knitting clothes for her son, through her passion for recycled fashion, owner and former fashion designer Kimberley Goulding was encouraged to start her own business after listening to her friends’ advice. With an endearing offbeat aesthetic, each item is bursting with character, from pom pom detailing to patchwork fabrics – and it’s all done using materials from unwanted clothing.

Mini Magpie Jumper

 Mini Magpie Dungarees 

“I believe that remaking things is a beautiful and sustainable way to use our resources and should be our first choice when choosing products for our little ones.”

Mini Magpie Baby

With a new shop opened this month, prices begin from just £5 as well as discounts for any jumper donations, and with regular upcycling classes as an added bonus, you’ll be able to learn just how to make your own mini magpie pieces to customise to your desire.

 Check out their How To Guide and get knitting from the comfort of your own home.

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