Upcycle Idol: Nic Parnell

Upcycle Idol: Nic Parnell

Nic Parnell Hat StandNorth-west London based sustainable furniture designer, Nic Parnell, fuses his love for nature with contemporary aesthetics. 

His latest work, the ‘Outside In’ collection, focuses on objects and designs built from woodland waste, from hat stands to Parnell’s signature arbor lamps, sourced from dead wood lying among the forest floor. Parnell also works closely with tree surgeons, who help him to gather the materials for his projects.

“By re-injecting nature with a contemporary mask we become intrinsically attracted to a form of vision which we feel compelled to interact with.”

Nic Parnell Side TableParnell believes in valuing and retaining the original form of his material, so his work often incorporates the natural shape of tree branches – his signature style and unique selling point. With the branches providing the structure, Parnell paints each piece with a matte finish and uses simple bases to provide a minimalist, yet organic feel.

Nic also specialises in bespoke design. To find out more, visit  his blog at Nicparnell.com 



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